Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walk in Issy's Shoes: I Am Autism

I am Autism.
I am visible all around you, 
but if you close your eyes, I will be invisible to you.
I am passion and survival and intelligence and strength. 
I see the hypnotic beauty in water flowing from the tap,
I hear the music in hydraulic brakes,
I feel the intricacy in the weaving of a sweater. 
I am a different way of looking at the world. 
I am advances in science and mathematics, 
I am great works of art,
I am language you never dreamed of.
I am the single-minded determination which produces new inventions and great discoveries.
I connect with cats and speak with the souls of horses.
I flap and rock and dance with the movement of the planets.
I listen with my feet and sing with my hands.
I count the stars and name them one by one.
I am not trapped in my own world,
I am intimately connected with the world we all share.

But if you do not see me, you will never know.
If you quieten my hands, you will never hear me sing.
If you force me to talk, you will never hear me speak.
If you make me look into your eyes, you will never see into my soul.
And if you try to send me to heaven before my time,
you will never know how I glorify God 
just by being on earth.  

(By Anonymous)

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