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Stop… and Rail Against Stigma!

Stop… and Rail Against Stigma! by



“Stop,” a poem about the damage of negative stigma for Autistic people and those who love and support them, was originally published here, and was written in memory of Alex Spourdalakis… and far too many others…
I am ready for the day when social justice and human rights are extended to every person and this poem becomes an archaic relic from an ableist past…  I believe we will get there!
These words of tragedy
Emblazoned on notepads and billboards
This epidemic of dehumanization
This narrowed definition of being
Twisted finer and thinner
So that it lacks any sensitivity
So that the words themselves are
A garrote
Cutting into flesh and spirit
When words and stance 
are played out deftly
to define other as less
to define different as solely deficit
and are used to silence
This – THIS – is the tragedy
My child is burdened with these words
That exclude
And distance
And define other as broken
And are shaped with intent to siphon fear
alchemy-like into big business’ pocketbooks
Words seeded and hooked with the bait of crisis
So the fund$ continue to be reeled in
Those who are on your hook
Who take up your fear-filled bait
Feeding hungrily on your emptiness
Your mean lies
They are left empty
And hopeless
Seeing only unmet potential
Instead of the beauty of diversity
This – THIS – breaks this mother’s heart
but at the same time, strengthens her resolve
When difference is framed in fear
To stir activity
A call to action
To shore the millions needed to fund
your oft’ wonton cure
And at the same time silences those
for whom they claim to speak
This is not charity
The stance of stigma
Whose twisted legacy
Is used justify the pain
The othering
The silencing
The disappearing
The murder
Of people
Like those whom I love best
             Leah Kelley ~ June 2013

We need to rail against stigma… Please find out more about #posAutive Action for Social Justice at
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