Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm just a kid but this is what I think: Walk in Issy's Shoes

I think that all this is a crisis - people trying to murder their own children! It's not fair to blame the kids. People shouldn't say things like that. It is not the kids fault because it's the grown ups' fault and if they only took care of the kids a little bit better than they are now in this probably wouldn't be happening.

Issy was 14 years old. That's older than me. She could've been taken better care of before getting to that age. Did anyone try to think about why she was always hitting and stuff? Hitting is wrong and I'm really sorry her mom got hit so much. That really sucks. But you got to think about reasons instead of screaming and crying. Kids don't just hit for nothing. There is a reason even if it's a dumb reason. I think it makes more sense to try to change if stuff isn't working.

I have autistic people in my family. The first one was my sister. Like she's totally autistic she's a cool kid. We help her and she has school and therapy and stuff. She doesn't do all the things that you're hearing from all these people. Just because you're autistic doesn't mean you hit people and hurt people.

Any kid can get upset. It's not right to hit your parents or anything but kids aren't perfect. We make mistakes and parents are supposed to forgive us and teach us the right way. Not get mad and kill us because we mess up.

The only perfect person was Jesus and maybe he even got mad and hit his mom before too. We don't know because we weren't there. That's not a good reason to hurt your kid. Two wrongs don't make a right. I think if I was Issy I would have probably wanted to scream and shout and hit because nobody's giving me attention the right way! All that therapy is too much and it probably got on her nerves.

I don't think any parent could just do that stuff that Issy's mom did to her. Like putting all her business on YouTube and then lying to her to try to kill her. I feel sorry for her mom because she has mental problems and I think she needs therapy but she also needs jail because that was still wrong. I don't like when people say that any parent can do that stuff that she did.  I think that's just saying that you could be also cruel too in my opinion if I had a mom like that I would actually want to run away but I couldn't because I'd be autistic.

I don't know why people think that anyone could just be that kind of mother because that means you could just also be a killer too. If I was a parent - but I'm not because I'm young - I would actually treat my child right at a very young age and not force her to be in the therapy she hates. I might have to send her to some kind of therapy but the thing is that I will let her have some fun at the same time because she is still young and I would want her to have some fun and grow up to be happy instead of having a terrible childhood. That's why I think that we should walk in Issy's shoes and help autistic kids more better than treating them like some animals.

By Anonymous, age 12

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  1. You have a lot of wisdom for your age. Scratch that--you have a lot of wisdom for *any* age. If you do have children when you get older, you are going to make an amazing parent; in any case, you already make an amazing sister, community member, and advocate. Thank you for sharing this. :)