Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gratitude for the Participants of the #IamNOTkellistapleton Flashblog

To all those who participated, read, shared, and related to the #IamNOTkellistapleton #WalkinIssysShoes Flashblog, our great appreciation.

Together, we are changing the conversation about Autistic and disabled abuse and murder. From victim blaming to justice for the victims, hard work was accomplished both to defend Issy Stapleton and others like her, and to stop the hateful mindset that leads too many parents and caregivers to harm Autistic people.

We are not Kelli Stapleton.

We walk in Issy's Shoes.

Click on the photo below to watch the video from Newschannel 3, CBS News, WWMT, West Michigan about the Flashblog.

"Autism support groups hoping Stapleton case changes conversation"
Picture of a news anchor, looking into the camera, in front of a blue background. To the right of him is a graphic reading "NEW TONIGHT Stapleton Sentence National Attention" and a logo for Newschannel 3.

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