Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Walk in Issy's Shoes: Sept 3, 2013

Trigger warning for graphic descriptions of murder.

Walk in Issy's shoes.
"Drink this."
It's sweet. Too sweet, with something bitter too? It tastes different. But it still tastes good.
Mom said we're going to make S'mores! I like S'mores. I like doing fun things with Mom instead of always doing therapy. Mom can be so fun and has such a nice smile. I wonder why she's not smiling now.
Driving. So long. Sleepy. So sleepy.
Mom is worried, crying. Why? She knows how to make S'mores. Maybe she forgot. I'll help her.
Car stops. Sleepy. So sleepy. I don't know if I will be awake long enough to eat.
Smoke in the car. Heat. I don't understand. Why can't we make them outside like Daddy does? Too much smoke in here.
Coughing. Crying. Home. I want to go home.
Mom sees me crying. She gives me two S'mores. I eat mine. She does not eat hers. She is crying again. Why?
Sleepy. Hot. Smoky. Can't breathe. Cough cough cough. Cough cough cough.
Mom is coughing too. Still crying.
I am so tired from coughing. I am so tired from crying. Don't want any more S'mores. Just want to go home.
Mom gets out of the car. Don't leave me, Mom. Come back. There is so much smoke and so much heat. I am scared. I need you.
I am so sleepy. Tired. Dizzy. Coughing so much.
Maybe if I show her, she will understand.
Can't walk. Dizzy. Crawl to front seat. So much smoke. Where is my mom?
Pull myself into the seat. Grab seat belt. Buckle. She will see me. She will come back. She will understand.
Cough cough cough. I can't cry anymore. No more tears left. Cannot see - just smoke. Cannot breathe. So sleepy. So sleepy.
I can't see anymore, but I close my eyes and let the sleep come.
I know Mom will come back. She will fix it.
Help me, Mom. Help me. I love you.


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